Lise Watier portraits: Judith Ritchie and Sophie R. Bragg

Expression x Lise Watier

Illustration project I did for the cosmetics brand Lise Watier, representing top beauty editors of Canada.


Ink Zen

Aina Kawamoto, a modern typographer with love for design, fashion and minimalism.

ellie hair up

The Grey Areas

After all, it is the different shades of grey that bring the picture to life, don’t you think?


Young & Only

For “the young at heart, the passionate, the creative, the stylish, the one of a kind.”

IMG_0784 copy

My Onesie Obsession

Comfortable and simple – ideal for those mornings of zero outfit inspiration!


Waffle meets beer

The spirit of community sharing; drink, food, conversation, space, and ideas.


Braid it up

When I was little, I wanted to be a hairstylist in order to spend days doing braids.


True colours

Pulling off a colour other than the common “brunette-ginger-blond” spectrum.


Art by Thunder

A sea of collages and neon colours spread across her living room.


I’m an illustrator

An unbreakable eagerness to meet people and learn. An incomparable spanish accent.