Maleficent is a hipster

  Aren’t villains the funnest? If you’re one of the people who really enjoy the elaboration of a great evil character, you …


My week at work

No talking to me before that morning coffee. No talking to me about productivity. No talking to me about anything that could …


Meet the Met

Clearly, the met gala is the one of the ultimate events to go all out with an outfit. It’s where some of …


JD @ Coachella

I love looking at pictures from Coachella just to see what people are wearing. I mean, it’s always the ultimate mix between …

Cut from Same Cloth

Watch out Donnie Darko

Instagram really beats all social media, don’t you think? Although I was a late Instagrammer (damn Blackberry), I can’t stay away from …


Colours of Anna

I had so much fun working on this portrait for the lovely Anna, a great PR pro from Toronto. She liked the style …

Lise Watier portraits: Judith Ritchie and Sophie R. Bragg

Expression x Lise Watier

Illustration project I did for the cosmetics brand Lise Watier, representing top beauty editors of Canada.


Ink Zen

Aina Kawamoto, a modern typographer with love for design, fashion and minimalism.


Art by Thunder

A sea of collages and neon colours spread across her living room.


I’m an illustrator

An unbreakable eagerness to meet people and learn. An incomparable spanish accent.