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May 20, 2020 - No Comments!

Abre los ojos

As we’re slowly exiting these suspended weeks out of time, our first steps in this new world are a bit messy. Maybe more for some than others. When Petit Shirt offered me to take part of their artist collaboration coming out at the end of lockdown in France, I immediately said yes. Yes, because just like many independent artists, I needed to dive back into my projects, move forward and put a few things back on track.


But more importantly, I wanted to say something. I have been redirecting my artistic endeavour for the past year to focus on projects that make sense. Things are slowly getting into shape but I still have a lot of tidying up to do in this new chapter of my life. Giving meaning to my work is a way of finding it.
So as I came back from a long trip with friends for an identity-themed art project, the lockdown brought about a very radical change in rhythm. And I tried to use this time to learn and document myself - on the days I managed to focus. And this will to continue to open my eyes is what I wished to transmit with this t-shirt. Stepping out of the common framework as we step out of our apartments now, taking the time to really see what’s around us, documenting ourselves, moving forward.





In addition, Petit Shirt is sharing benefits 50-50 with the artists for this operation out of solidarity in the face of the difficulties independent businesses are currently facing. So if you’re in the mood to abrir los ojos and support small businesses, this is where it happens.


PS: “Abre los ojos” makes a reference to the movie - the original Vanilla Sky, a gem I never forget when I look outside the window.


Take care.


Photos by @stephguins

May 12, 2020 - No Comments!


Chance in cards echoes life’s fortunes. In this series of illustrations, I revisit kings, queens and jacks (‘valets’ in french) with a modern touch.

We distribute and pick new people in our everyday lives one after the other, leaving the unknown in a pile. We discover them and build our hand. Is it just a new person in our surroundings? If we’re lucky, we may have just picked the decisive card. If not, we can always discard it. It’s up to us to decipher their part of mystery or darkness. It’s up to us to decide when and how we want to play the game.

Some show their hand, some are bluffing. What are our expectations? What will be our best strategy? What hand will make a difference?

We lose, we win, and ‘rebelote’.

Pick your cards now: